Monday, April 23, 2012

Holiday Adventures

Hey Guys,

I am amazed at the adventures that you all have been sharing with me since our return to school this term. I am so impressed by them that I thought I should share a little adventure of mine with you all!

On Good Friday my younger brother and I decided that we would kayak to Matiu/Somes Island. We loaded the car with our kayaks and packed our bags and set off to Petone foreshore. The journey from Petone to Matiu Island took 45 minutes. It was a tough kayak against the waves and wind but was very enjoyable out on the water and in the sun.

Once on the small island in the middle of the harbour we walked around all the interesting sights including old gun turrets from World War II. We then had lunch and kayaked back to the mainland which was far easier on the return leg as it only took 30 minutes. It is fair to say that I slept well that night!

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