Saturday, June 9, 2012

Learning on Saturday


This is my word of the day!  It is pure ubiquity today.  How has your weekend been ubiquitous?

Looking forward to reading your comments

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  1. Yes, my weekend has been very ubiquitious. Straight after school on friday my cousin pulled up on the driveway for a sleepover, in the morning we got up early to go to a skatepark however we then had to leave because we both had hockey games.


  2. That is a really interesting word they must be smart to be using that i hope the story will be awesome to.By Brandon

  3. that is a very interesting word I did not even now it was even a word
    what is it again
    ub iqui tious .

    by Caitlin and Tyler

  4. Yes, my weekend has been ubiquitous. On Sunday I made a plasticine Union Jack flag and had to look up what the Union Jack flag looked like! On Saturday I had dancing and had to count with the beat of the music!


  5. Yes, my weekend was ubiquitous I went to rugby my first game we lost, I think that we didn't tackle properly, so in our second game we did better tackling and won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!