Thursday, June 7, 2012

Will my bill become a law ?

Awesome home learning. Glad that little movie clip helped you :)

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  1. "Wow mya what great bill you have. Wow it is awesome ok it is a law. Dylan

  2. wow Mya that looks awsome i would love to make one of my
    own and i think its really cool that you can change it from a bill to a law, you could even make a little movie like we saw at school.
    from stephanie.R

  3. "Man i wish i could make one of my own its awesome".
    here is a song for him. "Her i go again on my own going to tern in to a law. Am a bill right now but it doesn't relly matter". "Wat a minnit am all reedy a law".

  4. WOW Mya you put a lot of effort into this. You would have extended your knowledge on bills and laws by miles! Remember you remember 90% when you see it, say it, hear it and DO IT!!! But by the looks of it you must remember 100% now. It is great to see you using your own initiative!! GREAT JOB!! :)

    From and by Mya.M

  5. Awesome Mya, you worked really hard on this. It looks like your bill will have a 100% chance of making it into a law. It could make a big difference in our school!!!

  6. wow mya you work really hard to make this it looks like it is going to be a law i like the way you had bill and you made a law