Thursday, August 9, 2012

We have a real problem. Can you help?

On Monday next week we are going to muster all of our vocab, spelling and visualising skills.  We are going to compete against some children that we don't know, in the game of 'drawsomething'.

All good you think?  Well we have a dilema!

I am trying to organise enough sessions to make sure all children get to play ( Fair play being our Key Competency recently)

Problem is...... we have 5 devices, 30 children and only so much time.

1. What fraction of the class will get a turn if we only have 1 session? What fraction would miss out?

2. How would that change if I booked 10 ipads?  or 15 ipads?

3.   How many blocks of time do I need to book with the other class to ensure we all get a turn if we have 9(a) 5 ipads? (b) 10 ipads ( c) 12 ipads?

Please help!!!!!

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