Monday, August 13, 2012

We really were putting our skills to the test today

Today we used the iPad app 'Drawsomething' to draw and try to guess and spell some rather interesting things that our buddies from 3D created.

It was great fun to work in real time, with  real opponents,  and a real desire to try hard.

Skyping through the process let us sort out a few thing!  Really looking forward to doing this again.

Check out their blog for some cool pics. ( Sorry 7Wonders, we were a bit busy to capture the moment, next time!)

How about join our reflection on the Learning involved in this fun activity.   Contribute to the doc! 

Or maybe you like to use a Y chart to organise your thinking???


  1. draw something is a awesome game
    i think i might ask my mum if i can
    get that app

  2. Thanks Mrs C's class for taking part in this activity with us. The kids in 3D really enjoyed the interaction and look forward to trying it again.

    I think that half the class are now addicted to the app 'Draw Something'!

    If we get time we will contribute to your Google Doc with our thoughts!

    Stephen (3D Teacher)

  3. Hi,

    Wow you are so lucky. That looks like a fantastic activity. We have shown our teacher and hope that she will let us do something like this too. We don't have iPads in our class yet though. Thank you for sharing.

    From 2K