Sunday, August 19, 2012

Working together ( our Key Competency)

It has been lots of fun working with 3D in Palmerston North.  Ben and Katelyn put together this intro to our explanation writing at assembly.  And check out the great movie on the Ins & Outs blog.  Looking forward to doing it again and maybe some other 'real' collaborative learning!  Any great ideas?

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  1. Great work R7, I love your Prezi! I have been trying to explain to different people how the app works and this Prezi will help.

    R3 really enjoyed working with your class and feel that the app helps them to learn spelling and thinking skills. I wonder if there are any other great apps that we can collaborate on?

    If you haven't already don't forget to check out the video that we made on the activity.

    Thanks for working with us and we look forward to collaborating again in the future.

    Stephen (R3 Teacher)