Thursday, September 20, 2012

An hour challenge against R3 Russell St School

We calcuated our steps for 1 hour!!!  We did a range of cool things including maths, spelling and heaps of team work .

Our total score was 144495 steps and then we divided that by the number of participants and our average step count for the hour was....... 5351steps.

We had a mixture of physical and academic activities- all fun:)

Wow! Great work team.  Imagine our daily score if we worked out like that all day:)  Can you do the maths on that? 


  1. Awesome effort 7 Wonders! If you want to find out how many steps we did check out our blog! We went for a huge run around the streets of our school. Stephen even came with us! We also took part in our weekly sports session with our sports coach, Sha!

    We look forward to the next challenge!

    PS For the record it is very hard to leave a comment because we can't read the letters! Annoying!
    R3, Russell Street School

  2. we tryed our best and we could do better but at least we tryed and diddnt want to do it because we knew we would lose.


  3. The kids are loving this Steph. What a great challenge for them all. Keep it up 7 Wonders.