Friday, September 28, 2012

QuadBlogging? What's that?

What is QuadBlogging?  Blogging on 4 wheels?  4 people contributing to one blog?  
No !
Check it out
QuadBlogging is a leg up to an audience for your class/school blog. Over the last 12 months 100,000 pupils have been involved in QuadBlogging from 3000 classes in 40 countries

We are part of a Quad! Yipee!

Below are our buddies.  Explore their blogs and record your Questions and Answers on a QuadBlogging doc of your own.

What countries are these classes in?
What age are the children?
How are their blogs the same or different from ours?
What questions do you have for them? ( use your questions matrix)
What would you like to post on our blog to give them information?

The blogs above are all just starting their year ( how does that work?) so what would you like to know about what's going to happen?

Happy QuadBlogging!!!

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