Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The GCC is all go!

This morning we all put on our pedometers and started to record our steps.  The classroom was empty this morning before school because all were out doing a variety of activities to increase  the number of steps that we  do.  

We have a 50 day challenge ahead of us. 50 days to help us change some of our habits.  It will be really interesting to compare:

1.  The start number of steps ( day 1) to the end numbers.

2.  Our fitness level?  Will it improve?  How will we know?

3.  Our ability to read numbers into the tens and hundreds of thousands. ( upside down)

4.  Our knowledge of what an average number is.

5.  How our activity changes. e.g What we are doing to increase our level of activity!  ( without being encouraged)

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